Intranet/Portal Development Methods and Investments Benchmark Study

Have you wondered what platforms or tools other law firms are using to develop their intranet portal?  Are there as many firms using SharePoint as you think there are?  Perhaps not knowing the amount of investment other firms are making in the way of resources is keeping you up at night?  If so, you might want to participate in the new benchmarking study we are conducting.

When complete the study should answer the following questions by size of firms:

  • How many firms have deployed or started the deployment of an intranet/portal.
  • Did the firms purchase a solution or build it?
  • What platforms or development language did they use? 
  • Did they use consultants?
  • Did they use SharePoint?
  • Did they use any third party legal specific products to accelerate the development in SharePoint (XMLAW, Handshake or LawPort)?
  • What version of SharePoint?
  • What was or is the number of people dedicated to the deployment?
  • How much money did they spend?
  • How long did it take or do they think it will take to deploy the software?

Law fims participating in the study will receive a copy of the summary of results.  The individuals who fill out the survey will be entered into a drawing for $150 gift certificate from

All information will be treated confidentially with no firm names disclosed in the summary. Costs will be reported in the aggregate. While we ask for email addresses, they will not be used for any purpose other than delivery of the survey summary and entry into the drawing.

If you are responsible for your law firm’s intranet and you haven’t already participated, go to Intranet/Portal Development Methods and Investments Benchmark Study to get started.  The survey will be closed on 12/31/07.

 ~ Nina Platt


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