Nielsen/Norman Group’s Intranet Information Architecture Report

Information architecture (IA) is something anyone managing an intranet should be concerned about. A deliberate and proactive navigational structure can ultimately ensure the success of your intranet over the long-term.  If you think you need to brush up on this topic, read Nielsen/Norman Group’s report on Intranet Information Architecture.

Jakob Nielsen lists some of the highlights of the survey of 56 different intranets of varying sizes and industries in his Alertbox postingon November 26th:

  • Only 25% of the surveyed teams had a full-time person dedicated to IA
  • The most common research methods used include surveys, card sorting, traffic analytics, and user testing
  • The majority of top-level navigations included human resources info (66%), company info (63%), and news (59%)

While the Alertbox posting has some of the high-level findings, the nitty gritty detail is, of course, in the full report. It’s available on CD-ROM for $396 (single license), and at 1,193 pages with 744 unique screenshots it promises to be well worth the price tag.

~ Amy Witt


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