Intranet Staff Size

Intranet staffing or Intranet team size is often at issue once an intranet goes into production or as the demand for new resources/content grows.  To many firms, the idea of having even one full time person assigned to manage the intranet seems excessive.  Additionally, what works for one firm, may not for others because their needs are so different.  Still, using benchmarks to determine the size of the team can be a good start. 

Jane McConnell posted Intranet resources: numbers, “way of working”, what next with 2.0? recently on Globally Local ………………. Locally Global : Intranet Strategies by jmc.  She mentions three surveys (including her own survey, Global Intranet Survey of 2007  ) that provide benchmarks.  She concludes that the findings are very similar and provides a summary of the numbers from her survey:

  • Less than 1,000 employees – 3 intranet headcount
  • 1 to 5,000 employees – 8 intranet headcount
  • 5 to 15,000 employees – 12 intranet headcount
  • 15 to 30,000 employees – 19 intranet headcount

These numbers don’t focus on law firms.  We, Nina Platt Consulting Inc., are conducting a study of law firm intranets that provides this type of benchmark along with other information.  If you are responsible for your law firm’s intranet and you haven’t already participated, go to Intranet/Portal Development Methods and Investments Benchmark Study to get started.  The survey will be closed on 1/31/08 (we extended the deadline).  Participants will get a summary of the results of the study.

~ Nina Platt


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