When to Introduce Wikis and Blogs

blogs-and-wikis.jpgHelen Day’s article, Self-Service Publishing: Implement with Care, posted on the Intranet Benchmarking Forum on January 14th discusses how care is needed in the implementation of these important web tools. Besides a great list of tips, the most interesting observation made in the article is to take care not to introduce Wikis and Blogs until formal publishing processes are in place. She warns:

… it’s important to provide Wikis and Blogs only after processes for publishing “formal” information channels to the Intranet are well established. If the right people are publishing to the right place on the Intranet, and there is good editorial workflow and governance, then the Intranet is sturdy enough to add an open, less-structured layer of content. If there are no good controls in place, then handing everyone a Wiki to use will blur the lines between informal and formal communication. What’s worse, it may threaten the information structure needed to support robust personalization and effective information discovery.

Good advice.

~ Nina Platt


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