What’s in Your Intranet Wallet?

Perhaps influenced by the catchy credit card ads I see on TV, I find myself thinking lately about all the tools I use on a daily basis.  Not necessarily the tools in my wallet like the commercial asks about, but the tools I use to do my job, keep in touch with family and friends, upload digital pictures, make purchases, maintain my finances, or research my family tree.  I rely on so many different tools that I couldn’t list them all, but I can certainly pick out the “killer apps” that I wouldn’t be able to function without.

I can also pick out the things that an intranet shouldn’t be without.  Most law firms have some basic needs that can easily be met with a well-planned intranet, where tools are accessible to all staff and attorneys.   Here’s what I have on the top of my list:

  • People directory (expertise, languages, project experience, bio, work history, etc.)
  • Calendars (individual and firm-wide)
  • Office/branch updates (floor maps, travel information, etc.)
  • Practice group/area descriptions (members, forms, etc.)
  • Client information (open/closed matters, billing attorneys, etc.)
  • Administrative department content (library, accounting, HR, IT, etc.)
  • Integration with other applications (DMS, CRM, email, KM databases, financial, etc.)

While the list seems short and relatively simple, each item can become its own complex application.  A really good intranet will provide access to, or collaborate with, the major tools that your firm is using already every day.  Ultimately, the goal of your law firm intranet is to better serve clients and bring in more business to the firm.

So, now I’d like to know… what’s in your law firm’s intranet wallet?

~ Amy Witt


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