Q&A for the Webinar, Creating the Successful Law Firm Intranet

Nina Platt Consulting and Southerton Consulting had a good turnout for the webinar we hosted this week.  The presentation focused on doing user-centered research before beginning to design an intranet.  Since we ran out of time for questions, we are posting the questions and answers for those we didn’t get to.  If you attended, or even if you didn’t, please ask additional questions about user-centered research using the comment option that is available when you click on the title of this post.  We will respond to those questions within one business day. 

Question 1:  Do you have any examples of pre-existing intranet surveys?

Laurie Southerton responds:  One thing to remember when you are doing an intranet survey is to focus on tasks since a firm intranet is about business productivity.  Tasks could include knowledge sharing, practice management, collaboration, and more.  For one example, click here.

Question 2:  Do you have any intranet resources you can share?

Nina Platt responds:  There are a number of intranet resources that include information about doing this type of user-centered research.  They include:

CorporateWebsite: 1 in 3 find intranet “not useful”, Toby Ward, 12/14/2007

Intranet Journal: Designing an Intranet User Survey, Paul Chin, 12/13/2004

Intranet Journal: Increasing Portal Adoption with User Scenarios, Paul Bryan, 5/16/2007

KM Column: Conducting Intranet Needs Analysis, James Robertson, September 2005 – a more recent posted on this blog by Patrick Kennedy that is very interesting is Using Cultural Probes for Intranet User Research

Webcredible: Expert usability review vs. usability testing, January 2007

We would appreciate hearing from others with their suggestions and questions.

Also, please note we will be offering future webinars on the topic of law firm intranets which are listed at the end of this posting.


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