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I seem to have Web 2.0 on my mind since attending the MALL Spring Meeting recently that focused on that topic or there may be a proliferation of articles and blog posts dealing with it.  In any event, I have been reading, viewing videos, and clicking through slideshows on the subject – there’s lots to learn.  

What is Web/Enterprise 2.0, OracleVideo.  Video interview with Andrew McAfee.  Search for Andrew McAfee on YouTube for additional videos on this topic.

The Many Uses of Enterprise Wikis, CIO.com.  I’ve been playing with the PBwiki and Zoho tools for various purposes but have yet to try Google Sites.  Our company intranet is a PBwiki application, although we are also looking at the Zoho wiki as it seems to be easier to customize the look of the site with Zoho.  I’m not too far along with these tools so you probably should check other sources, including your own test of the system to determine if I am right.  A wiki intranet seems to work fine for a company of four consultants here at NPCI.

Why Change is Critical to Web 2.0 Success, MYCUSTOMER.com.  Neil Davey, editor of MYCUSTOMER.com touches on one of the topics on which I regularly write and speak.  Change management is a key to success in KM initiatives including those delivered using Web 2.0.  He summarizes his article by writing,

There is a degree of organisational readiness that needs to be achieved in order to successfully deploy and absorb the changes associated with Web 2.0. And this change management has caught many businesses unaware.

Enterprise 2.0 Industry Matures as Businesses Grapple with its PotentialEnterprise Web 2.0.  Dion Hinchcliffe always has something insightful to say about Enterprise 2.0.  His April 22, 2008 posting is no different as he reports on a Forrester survey that states “the Enterprise 2.0 space will be a 4.6 billion industry within 5 years.”  He refers us to a recent report by Larry Dignan in his blog posting, Forrester: Social networking will be biggest enterprise 2.0 priority by 2013; Smaller businesses reticent.  

Web 2.0 at Work: In Pursuit of Passion, This sketch presentation by Sacha Chua, an Enterprise 2.0 consultant at IBM and a passionate web 2.0 evangelist, is a fun look at the use of Web 2.0 for onboarding new employees.  


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