Second session on design in Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet series a success

We just finished presenting the second webinar in a five-part series on Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet.  This time the topic was intranet design, and we included the five areas of intranet design as well as a law firm case study.  My part of the presentation focused on requirements, project plans, and staffing.  Laurie Southerton talked about architecture and visual design.  Meredith Williams gave us an inside look at the design process within her firm, Baker Donelson.  Add that all together, and the session was jam-packed with great information! 

In fact, one question we couldn’t get to during the presentation was directed at Laurie, and I’ve provided her answer below.

Question: Where can I find more information or references about visual design?

Laurie’s answer: This is the part of designing an intranet that people like best and usually have a very strong opinion about what it should look like.  Working with a good visual designer (whether from your in-house team or with a contract designer) can make a difference between a blah site and a great site.

My favorite book to use with management and teams is a short, simple, easy-to-read book by author Steven Krug – Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.” It has a great chapter on “Design 101,” and one on “Desinging the Home Page.”

I also recommend the following links for more information about visual design:

Thanks for the tips, Laurie!

More information will be posted soon about registration for the next sessions in our Creating a Successful Law Firm Intranet series: develop, rollout, and maintain/measure.  Stay tuned!

-Amy Witt


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