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Are you interested in knowing how the rest of the world or at least the members of a forum expect from an intranet?  Perhaps you want to know about which applications are considered a must add?   The Intranet Benchmarking Forum is a great resource for information on what other organizations are doing with their intranets.  While membership is a bit prohibitive for most law firms (their membership is largely Fortune 500), non-members can still benefit from their research.

For example, they recently published an article, The Employee Directory, in their blog, Intranet Life: Intranet Best Practice, Trends and Stories.  Plumb full of good advice, it outlines the next wave in such directories introduced with this paragraph:

Many of the features of a “wave three” directory incorporate elements of social networking tools, such as: skills and interests, recent blog posts, favourites, presence information and network of colleagues or friends. But it can also incorporate other functionality such as specific views for managers and HR to manage talent and performance more easily.

and pinpoints specifics as well.

The categories that are used to classify the articles demonstrate the vast array of thinking shared on this blog:

  • Communication & Culture
  • Design & Usability
  • IBF 24**
  • Intranet/ Portal Technology
  • Metrics & Performance
  • Strategy & Governance
  • Trend Watch
  • The research that IBF does for its members is another great benefit.  While most reports are available to members only, the summaries of the reports provide insight to non-members as well.  Recent reports include:

    **IBF 24 is an annual 24 hour webinar, open to both members and non-members, that includes “live tours of the world’s most advanced intranets, corporate portals, information workplaces and a series of key note talks from industry professionals.” 

    ~ Nina Platt


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