Webinar: Rollout your intranet project successfully

Join Nina Platt Consulting Inc. on August 20 for the fourth session in our five-part webinar series called “Creating the Successful Law Firm Intranet” when we will tackle the topic of successful rollouts.  Registration is now open for the fourth session on rollout, or you can register for both the last two sessions on rollout and measurement/maintenance at a discount. 

In the rollout session you will learn:

  • Three steps to a successful intranet rollout
  • What to include in your training plan
  • Five communication ideas to put in your strategy

In the final session on measurement & maintenance (to be held September 24), you will also learn:

  • Three key metrics to track to communicate your success
  • How to plan for changes to your intranet
  • Creating a user advisory board for future input

Both sessions will be moderated by Nina Platt, presented by Amy Witt and Laurie Southerton, and the fourth session will be corroborated by a law firm case study from O’Melveny & Myers.  Other details include:

FEE: $30.00 USD per person for the fourth session on rollout, $25.00 USD per person per session when registering for both sessions together.


REGISTRATION:  Registration is by credit card or check. Registrations received after August 19, 2008 for the fourth session may not be accepted depending on space availability.  

SUBSTITUTIONS: Institutions that have remitted payment of the required fee are permitted to substitute a replacement attendee from the same institution in place of the original registrant at any time. 

GROUP REGISTRATIONS: Save 15% when 5 or more attendees register from the same firm. Please refer to the instructions on the registration form for registering more than one person for the event.

Mark your calendars now!


~ Amy Witt


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