How law firm intranet projects REALLY work

A few years ago, a co-worker sent me a cartoon from that I absolutely loved.  It made light of how different people working on the same project could see and describe the same idea so very differently and end up with a completely new end result.  That cartoon has been on my desk since that day as a reminder to think about other perspectives (plus it really made me laugh).

Recently I decided to visit the website and discovered, to my delight, that you can create your own custom cartoon.  So that is, indeed, what I did.  My cartoon is called Law Firm Intranet Projects, and it is specific to intranet projects at law firms. 

I’m sure it’s not news to most of you that projects never go 100% smoothly.  When you’re working on an intranet, you at least have some standards (both technical and organizational) to count on within a known and controlled environment. If you have the pleasure of working on a law firm intranet, however, there are the added complexities of the lawyers/partners, summer associates, management committee, group heads, executive directors and everyone else who gets a say in the things you do. My cartoon creation is simply a tongue-in-cheek way of reminding myself how different each view will be, no matter what the project is.

Why don’t you create your own project cartoon and tell me about it?

~ Amy Witt


  1. squarebrackets

    i liked your cartoon =]

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