Model for Planning and Implementing an Intranet

If you have participated in any of the webinars that have made up the Creating the Successful Law Firm Intranet series, you know that our (Nina Platt Consulting and Southerton Consulting) work with intranets is based on the following model. 

Our model allows for more time spent across each of the tasks.  Spending more time on research and design reduces the time spent on development and implementation.  It also gives the intranet a better chance at success because the intranet, when rolled out, is what the users need.    Planning for rollout, measurement, and maintenance is often given short shrift.  This model provides for that planning and it does it within the project time and budget.

Traditional development of an intranet looks more like the following model. 

There is usually very little time spent on research and design.  When research and design are ignored or all but absent, proportionately more time is spent in development as developers code and build the site and then recode and rebuild the site – making this the most expensive part of the project budget.  Spending little time on rollout means less awareness of the intranet’s functionality and value.  Also, note that no project time or budget set is aside for measurement and maintenance.  This means the intranet project comes in late and over budget.  Sound familiar?

This traditional models leads to acceptance failure of intranets and the firm’s IT staff starting over and over again trying to build a site the firm will use.  

~ Nina Platt


  1. I find that iterative methods work best for intranet development. Designs are kept flexible and developers produce multiple prototypes that help end-users actually experience what the end result *could* be like and are therefore enabled to offer solid feedback and see tangible results right away. In some cases, I’ll even have users sit down with developers as the create a prototype so that feedback can be received and implemented in real time.

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