Intranet 2.0: 10 Not So Easy Steps

Checklists and guidelines are always useful for those of us just learning how something works.  You can find many of these types of articles or white-papers that focus on intranets or web development.  While many of the articles written about web 2.0 and intranet 2.0, and, well all the other 2.0s, have been of a provocative nature, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an article that admonishes me to “Blow up the old intranet!”

Chris McGrath, co-creator of ThoughtFarmer, has done just that in his article, Intranet 2.0: 10 Not So Easy Steps published on FUMSI, a FreePint website.   His reasoning?  “It’s irrelevant to employees’ day-to-day job. The cumbersome updating process alienates people. It’s out of date and usage is dismal.”  Well, that is straight to the point.  Not how we speak here in Minnesota but I think I know what he means.  Actually, for many intranets, he’s spot on.

He goes on to provide 9 additional steps.  The following is a list of all 10 steps.

  1. Blow up the old intranet
  2. Turn users into authors
  3. Expose the social context of all content
  4. Make things findable
  5. Send signals when content changes
  6. Provide scaffolding: a framework to support new content
  7. Hold a barn raising to populate initial content
  8. Lead by example
  9. Get the intranet in-the-flow

Along with the steps he includes answers to Why? and How? with examples and screen-shots that demonstrate what he is saying.

This is an interesting thought provoking article well worth the read for anyone working with intranets.

~ Nina Platt


  1. Hey Nina, glad you liked the article. I like the photo you chose to use, hehe. You might also be interested in a brief survey we ran on the uptake of “Intranet 2.0”. Results are here:

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