Forrester Reports on Collaboration Tools

PCWorld and WebWire report that Forrester Research released Forrester TechRadar for Information and Knowledge Management Pros: Enterprise 2.0last week predicting the Enterprise 2.0 applications that will take hold in the near future.  According to PCWorld:

The report suggests that only two of the myriad tools commonly grouped in the Enterprise 2.0 category — social networks and wikis – will find significant success in the corporate market over the next few years. Widgets, mashups, blogs, RSS and forums may find moderate success, while microblogs, prediction markets, social bookmarking and podcasts will have only minimum penetration in the enterprise, the report said.

The WebWire article/press release, Forrester Projects Which Enterprise Web 2.0 Collaboration Technologies Will Grow, Which Will Decline,  provides additional information suggesting that social networks, wikis, blogs and RSS will continue to experience growth.


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  1. In my opinion, it is not the cutting edge enterprise technologies (social networking, wikis, blogs etc) that will do tremendously well in the future, but mainstream technologies which are referred to as web 2.0 “collaboration technologies” which will completely take over the market – web based document management, intranets and extranets, webmail, forums, calendars, contact management, task management. That is what explains the recent moves big names have made into this domain – microsoft, google, cisco, oracle, ibm etc. The company which provides the most integrated and comprehensive, as well as easy to use product, will rule the roost. Smaller players with good solutions like HyperOffice will also leave a mark.

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