James Robinson Outlines Five Intranet Publishing Models

We are always on the look out for articles that define intranet models.  What better way to start planning for and designing your own intranet than to see what thinking others have to offer.  Hopefully, our own Model for Planning and Implementing an Intranet will prove useful to you.  There are more models available on the Internet that you should check out as well including James Robertson’s Five Intranet Publishing Models as outlined in his Column Two blog.

The models as he defines them include:

  1. fully centralised publishing
  2. decentralised publishing
  3. publishing with review
  4. federated publishing
  5. end-user content contribution

Along with defining the five models, Robertson goes on to provide a description that includes lists of advantages and disadvantages.  But don’t stop at the end of the post as his reader’s comments are very interesting as well.

~ Nina Platt


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