Designing Dashboards: Gartner Report From IBM Cognos Express

I received another email from IBM Cognos Express  (IBM’s BI product for mid-market firms – in which, I suspect, they included law firms) this morning.  I’m not sure why I get them but have found that they do provide some interesting reading.  This morning’s email (Subject: New research: 12 tips for dashboards people will want to use) contained a link that urged me to Download and read this Gartner Paper today!  

What I found was a summary of the report written by IBM Cognos Express along with information on how they can support such an intiative with a copy of the entire Gartner paper , Tips for Implementers: The Basics of Good Dashboard Design appended.   Recommendations from IBM Cognos Express include:

  • Focus on what dashboards are for; the targeted delivery of a small group of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) relevant to a user’s role.
  • Keep dashboards simple in form, and avoid “gimmicky” features like 3D effects.
  • Consider working with an experienced UI developer, human-computer interaction or layout specialist as part of your dashboard team. 

I tried counting the tips in the Gartner paper (the writer and librarian in me couldn’t help but analyze the structure of the paper) but always came up with more than 12 which really isn’t important except to note that the paper is chock-full of tips. 

What I really appreciated that came from the Gartner paper was a section describing how we can learn from aircraft dashboards in terms of usability as usability testing is just one of the services that NPCI provides for clients working on intranet/portal initiatives.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our services, but, in the meantime, enjoy the Gartner paper.


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