Bennett Jones Wins Another Intranet Award

The folks at Bennett Jones have won another intranet award, this time from the Nielsen Norman Group (whose business focus is usability) in their report, Intranet Design Annual 2011: Year’s 10 Best Intranets.  In the announcement, Jakob Nielson referred to Bennett Jones while talking about knowledge sharing:

Offering repositories for case studies, samples, and other existing information can help people with similar problems avoid having to start building their solutions from scratch. Examples range from Habitat for Humanity’s fundraising templates to Bennett Jones’ Share Your Work widget. Sometimes, knowledge sharing can be as simple as a Q&A tool to connect employees with questions to colleagues with answers.

He also noted that,  “Knowledge management progressed from cliché to reality, based on simpler and thus more-used features” along with a description of the Bennett Jones intranet,  “The Bennett Jones intranet team built, through strong planning, user research, and smart, thoughtful design, not just a new intranet, but also a mission critical knowledge management work tool.”

Congratulations to Brian Bawden,  National Director of Knowledge Management at Bennett Jones LLP and  Akiva Bernstein, CEO of V51, the SharePoint consulting firm that worked with Bennett Jones to build their intranet.  Keep those awards coming!


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