Friday Roundup April 1 2011

I am going to start posting a roundup each week that points out interesting articles/blog posts I’ve run across over the week.  I hope you find them useful.  Here goes:

Step Two Design’s James Robinson provided a great post on their Column Two blog, titled Where to start with a SharePoint intranet.  He discusses the importance of having a good understanding of what SharePoint can do as well as having a “crystal clear vision and direction”.  I think we’ve all heard the stories about firms who started using SharePoint without understanding what they were getting into and then found themselves spending more money on development than planned.

Mark Morrell’s post, 5 simple ways to benchmark your intranet provides a variety of ideas of how to determine if your intranet is doing what it should.  How does it compare to other law firm intranets (or corporate intranets for that matter)?  His 5th idea speaks to having an expert review or audit done by a third-party.

Jeff Hester reminds us that Knowledge Management is Not a Software Solution in his blog post on Jeff  I tend to think of an intranet as a tool for managing and sharing knowledge (if done right).  I also subscribe to the idea that knowledge management is governed by the 80/20 rule – 80% people and 20% technology.  That doesn’t mean that we need to use less technology.  We need to spend more time focusing on the people it serves.

Murali Sitaram’s post on GIGAOM, Social Tools: Helping People Share What They Know, describes the use of social network or Enterprise 2.0 tools within an organization.  The post focuses on knowledge transfer when onboarding a new employee and the importance of sharing what is known by employees long before they retire.   He also speaks to engaging employees for better adoption of the use of these tools.

If you read an article or blog post that you found especially interesting this week, please post it using the comments feature.

Have a great weekend!


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