Friday Roundup April 15 2011

Another week full of interesting articles and posts about intranets.

Elizabeth Lupfer (The Social Workplace) recent post, Knowledge Management: Creating a Social Intranet Where Your Employees can Learn, reminds us of the capabilities the Ten Best Intranets in 2011 as recognized by the Nielsen Norman Group had in common:

  • Knowledge management
  • Innovation management
  • Comments
  • Ratings
  • Participation awards
  • Customized collections

InformationWeek’s Venkatesh Rao’s post, Hard And Soft Power In Enterprise 2.0, suggests that we are using only part of the persuasion vocabulary we need to describe enterprise 2.0.

Soldiers and diplomats talk about hard power versus soft power. Hard power is all about guns, missiles, threats, and coercion. Soft power, an idea formulated by Harvard’s Joseph Nye in the 1990s, is all about making friends and influencing people through cultural attraction, sharing, and cooperation.

Mark Morrell follows his recent post of the same name with a second post on SharePoint – It’s how you use SharePoint 2010 that decides the value it brings 2.  Here, he covers “how vital it is to set the right level of permissions for people using the information published.”

Toby Ward’s post, Social Communications, Social Intranet, reminds of the Social Communications: Delivering winning internal communications programs with Intranet 2.0 seminar presented by Dave Duschene, of InsideEdge and Julian Mills of Precient Digital Media.


  1. Nina — thank you so much for including our blog and one of our personal favorite posts in your weekly roundup. Your site is a wonderful resource not just for legal intranets, but best practices for intranets in general. Kudos! ~Elizabeth

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