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The Intranet Benchmarking Forum (IBF) is offering a free report, Digital Workplace Maturity Model – From Intranet to Digital Workplace.  In the introduction to the report, CEO Paul Miller, described the digital workplace as

” including the intranet but also including other workplace technologies: those in operation and those yet to come…these are effectively work/technology environments that operate irrespective of location and (in the future) device”

See the graphic below to get a sense of how the intranet fits together with the digital workplace.

The digital workplace model has five levels of maturity from Base to Excel which are applied to four factors:

  • Communication and information – Role of internal communications and information sharing
  • Community and collaboration – Level of support for collaboration and working between groups and individuals
  • Services – Delivery of online applications employee self-service, workflow, etc.
  • Structure – management of the digital workplace including governance, standards, etc.

See the graphic below to get a sense of how the model works.  Note that the maturity levels are Base, Low, Mid, High, and Excel radiating out from the center.

To further describe the model as it applies to intranets, an example may be in order.   Note: I am simplifying the use of the model for the example.

We’ll start with an imaginary intranet.  It has been in existence for about 3 years.  At the outset the governance was strong with standards in place, usability tested, users involved in design, plans in order, etc.  giving it a Structure level of High. 

The intranet team has been successful in developing content that is up to date and relevant.  Employees are able to use intranet tools that allow them to do some of their work in an interactive manner (submitting new matters for approval, signing up for and keeping track of training, etc.   We’ll give them a Services level of High.

They are kept informed with firm and client news.  Still, there is some functionality that is missing.  We’ll give them a Mid level for Communication and Information.

The firm wants to develop more collaboration among its lawyers and staff but the culture has prevented many from feeling comfortable sharing and most of what the firm wants to do via the intranet has not been done.  We’ll give them a Low level for Community and  Collaboration.

If  we used the same graph as above to plot the levels, it would look something like this:

A fairly mature intranet with the exception of it being used for collaboration and community.  With the levels graphed out as they are, the management and intranet teams would be able to use the model with the information that supports the findings for strategic planning for future growth and development.

The report does a much better job of describing the model than I just did.  If you find what I’ve described interesting, download the report for more.


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